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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Family Charades and Suction Cups

I love it when Everette gets in a whacky mood and plays 'silliness' with the children. Tonight he got in the acting mood and played Bible charades with the dc. The excitement on their faces when they guess correctly is priceless. But even above that is sometimes the utter extravagance Everette must go through to get his point across.

I'm reminded of years ago when Everette, Layne and I played charades. It could be absolutely any subject. He certainly stumped us three girls. We eventually had to get him to tell us the answer, or we'd have never gotten it. After all, it was ....... a suction cup! Can you imagine my dh being a suction cup????

Well, just this past year Layne, Rauchelle and I were reminiscing about it again, and when we acted it out for Everette.....he was clueless. Absolutely clueless.

Shows you that you have to be in a certain mind to win at playing charades. But it sure can be a pile of fun and create super memories.

Question for You: Have you had 'a funny' playing charades?

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