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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Retired Vax Scientist Would NEVER Vaccinate His Children

This is an amazing (though sorta long) interview of a retired vaccination scientist from the USA. He was once on the side of making vaccinations. After more than a decade of being in the business, he started to question the efficacy and the health implications connected with inoculations, and today he speaks out against them.

While reading the interview, I was recalling an incident that happened with us as a family around the vaccination issue.

I was pregnant with our 6th dc, and Everette was working out-of-province. We were about to have our first Japanese exchange student stay with us for 2 weeks. But Danaka, who was 5.5 yo at the time, woke up with a mild rash all over her trunk. Not sure what this rash was, I thought it best to have it diagnosed by a MD so we could better inform the lady in charge of the student exchange program, in case the rash ended up being something contagious. Our family doctor was away on summer holidays, so we saw an unfamiliar to us Dr. (I always prefer our Dr, because he knows what kind of mother I am ....not a worry wart..... so he takes me very seriously when I have a concern) So, this Dr takes a look at Danaka's rash, starts verbally eliminating diseases such as rubella, etc.......until he asks me "She is up to date on her vaccinations, correct??" at which I said, "We don't vaccinate." At that moment, what had not looked to him as possibly rubella, all of a sudden it became a possibility. No Kidding!! He actually said to me, "Well, in that case (of not vaccinating) it COULD be rubella."

Listen, it either looks like it or it doesn't look like it. It has nothing to do with whether one is vaccinated or not.

You see, he was of the opinion that vaccinations provide protection against the disease, and therefore, believing at first that she was vaccinated then there was no way that the rash she was displaying could be rubella. But when he got the info that she wasn't vaccinated, and therefore she wasn't protected against the disease, that same rash could now 'look' like rubella.


Question for You: What's your take on vaccinations?

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