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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Holy Experience

I found a blogger the other day, a fellow homeschooling mom of many named Ann Voskamp. Ann has a way with words, and a heart laid bare. Such beauty and honesty she portrays in her blogs.

I'd like you to check her blog out, and especially Of Brokenness, Memories, and Fresh Starts. This is poignant and pertinent to what is commonly referred to as Rosh Hashana, or The Feast of Trumpets. It starts tomorrow evening (as does Shabbat).

The Feast of Trumpets traditionally features apples dipped in honey, to signify the sweetness of the upcoming year. And the challah for Shabbat that is usually oblong, is braided circular like a crown, remembering God's Kingship. Well, in a Jewish Cook Book (baking) that I have Danaka and I found a challah with apple pieces. We aren't big on fruit in our baking but I think we'll give this one a try tomorrow. And Mommy-brain has to remember to make it like a wreath or crown. I'm excited.

Like I mentioned, its the Feast of Trumpets. Our shofar is heard occasionally around here, and the children love to blow their brains out over it!! I don't bother (well, occasionally I give it another try) because I've never gotten a good sound out of it, yet. Most of my children must get their musical talents from their father.

Be sure to read Ann's (without an 'e') blog as she'll give more details about The Feast of Trumpets.

Question for You: How do you feel when you hear a shofar being blown?

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