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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Silly Words at Our House

One or more of the children have used these 'words' repeatedly for hard-for-them-to-pronounce English words. Some are far too cute to forget. I won't embarrass anybody in particular by connecting names with the mistake ;)

parsimmon : Parmesan
sgetti : spaghetti
fezzers : feathers
relish : licorice
flushy : slushie
baby suit : bathing suit
I forgive up! : I give up!
drizzler : a whole body vibrator
nake : snake
baff : bath
Crocket's of Narnia : The Chronicles of Narnia
movie : smoothie
hamgerber: hamburger
sangwidge: sandwich
pOOter : computer
plano: piano
hockerdoctor: helicopter

Question for You: Can you add to the list?


  1. so cute! my three year old says bathing soup instead of bathing suit! they are hilarious!

  2. Anders (3+yo) says with sort of an accent "I'm KIT-in" for "I'm kidding!"