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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

"Smart Choices" .......seriously????

Read the Smart Choices article for a good laugh. It's hard to believe that some of us are such gullible people in an educated and a developed country. Have we lost our brains???

I hope you're doing your own research as to a healthy diet. It's obvious that following the Standard American Diet (SAD) or one based on the Food Pyramid most of us grew up with in school, is not producing a healthy population. I watch the people at the grocery store while waiting in line at the cashier, and its hard sometimes to find even 1 trim person. Almost everybody I see is hefty or obese. And then have a look at what's in their grocery cart!

I know that when I shopped in Comox back in BC, I seemed to find a whole lot more trimmer people out there. And they were usually the ones whose buggies were full of produce and limited dairy and meats (if any). They didn't bulk up with processed foods, but were purchasing real foods. There was also great availability of fresh organic foods, and healthy choices. The raw food movement was prevelant in the Comox Valley. Is there a correlation?

Now it's a different story here in Nova Scotia. The people are heavier. There's also a poor supply of healthy foods here as the demand for it is less. I remember that same scenario in Whitecourt, Alberta. There was little choice for healthy alternatives in the community, and the obesity seemed rampant.

Whether the choices are easy or not, we have nobody to blame but ourselves if we are making less-than-ideal choices. We don't need a dean of a University or the gov't or big corporation to label smart choices for ourselves. We can educate ourselves, and make appropriate choices for our family. Even without a bunch of capital letters after our name (ie., college degrees) I can bank on us mom's and dad's at educating ourselves with the help of God, so we can feed our familys from His abundance.

Question for You: What silly examples do you know of where something obviously unhealthy has been labeled healthy?

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