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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Six with the Pox

The chicken pox, that is.  All at the same time.

In order of them showing........

Thursday, Gaelyn showed the spots. 

She has sailed through them, as has Anders.  The two of them have done a few squirmy wiggles to avoid itching, and found the bathing to be soothing with lavender and peppermint, but other than that they weren't too bad.

Anders and Toveli broke out on Friday.  
Toveli let me take a picture but asked me not to post it.

This picture is from this morning with Maret's eyelid swollen.  She's still having a difficult time of it.  She broke out on Sunday with them.

You can't tell that Mitchell has them,  as he just discovered the first bubble last night.  This morning I found 3 more on his back and some in his armpit.  So, he's the most recent victim.  We only have Laars  who hasn't had them.  Yet.

We are basically in recovery now, for which I am glad.  I thought these could go on for weeks and weeks with the up-to 3 week incubation period.  Like, dealing with chicken pox until Christmas.

But, I think I'm glad that they've gotten them so close to each other.  That's 6 of them, in less than a week.


  1. Well well well! Chicken pox can be so nasty! I remember having them as a kid...and they were even in my mouth! Poor Daneka and Maret look miserable. Love and hugs to them all!

  2. Remember my 4th birthday? LOL! I wish I was there to help with the kids.

  3. Mitch doesn't have many yet, but out of about 10 of them, 1 of them is at the back of his mouth. What a bummer!!