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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Cathedral Grove

Some of the trees took 8 family members to reach around them.

Everette warned us not to get any of this........

While we were down by the creek, we met  Jieun (Julie) who is studying in Vancouver, and her brother Hun who are here from Korea.  Hun started taking pictures of the children, then became friends with Gaelyn (of course), 
and they offered to take photos of our family.  See a purple 'bracelet' on Gaelyn's upperarm?  Hun gave that to her (purple is one of her favorite colours), and tonight she says how lucky she is, because she's made Hun & Jieun as her new friends.  Yes, Gaelyn, you are a very fortunate girl.  You love, and love comes back to you.

Jieun took pics with a Polaroid and gave some to us, and the children thought it was neat to watch the pictures develop right before their eyes.  They are so used to digitals now, all the rest is so weird.
We drove to Port Alberni which is a town at the end of a very long, deep inlet.  We went to the 

Climbed the clock tower.

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