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Friday, June 18, 2010

Hanging Around Gray Haven

Layne, Rauchelle and I headed out for the evening  together.  We hit the SOS where Chelle got some cute boots, and we each got sucked into the book section (I got a brand-new Learn Spanish tapes, workbook and dictionary for $2.49) and Layne got a necklace.  Then we stopped in at the Parksville Library solely to say 'Hi' to Diana W. whom we love and miss, and reminisced how we've known her since we moved to the Island in 1990 when I took the girls to Story Time!!

Then we drove to Nanaimo to stuff our bellies at Montana's & played Hangman on the butcher paper, strolled Woodgrove buying jewelry and trying on clothes at R.W. & Co, then viewed "The Prince of Persia" while eating less-than-yummy popcorn on an already full tummy (stupid).
It was a delightful day with my big girls, full of laughter, holding hands, & treating one another with kindness.  I enjoyed their company very much!!

Then when we got back 'home', I was surprised to find the little boys were still up because it was past their bedtime, but they'd had such long naps (naps aren't an everyday occurrence).  So I got to enjoy reading to them 'The Tale of Peter Rabbit' and 'Madeline', getting filled in on Everette's day, a short snuggle with Danaka (& I gave her some new earrings......Just Because) and eventually some time on the computer.  It was a great day!!!

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