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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Rational Fasting

I am currently reading a book Everette recommends called "Rational Fasting" by Arnold Ehret.  Certainly got me thinking, and its good timing as I had kinda fallen off the wagon recently, starting to eat alot of things in sight that I know are not healthy for me.

It's difficult when you are surrounded with foods you don't really want to eat, but they are tempting, and comforting foods from my past.  I know, excuses excuses.  Thus, I'm glad to be reading this book which is helping me get back on track.

So here's something to consider.

".....the fundamental cause of disease is the presence of foreign material in the human body...this disease causing material is the undigested, un-eliminated and decayed, rotting food elements resulting from too much eating of wrong foods.  It is therefore entirely reasonable and should be clearly seen that the main factor in the health enigma should consist of dietetics.  If over-eating is the main cause of the patient's disease, it requires intelligently conducted fast's to correct the condition....all of the animal kingdom living in a natural environment instinctively heal themselves through fasting."

When we look at the animal kingdom, a sick animal will naturally quit eating, or it might eat a specific herb that will cause it to throw up, and then it will refrain from eating.  By not eating, it gives the digestive system a rest and allows energy to be put into the immune system to fight off what ails ya! 

This week with the chicken pox most of the children have naturally refrained from eating.  And Everette and I have encouraged them to listen to their bodies, rather than eating out of habit or boredom.  We have offered fruit and vegetable juices, and smoothies that are easy to digest if they were wanting to eat, but otherwise they have all pretty well ended up skipping meals.  This helps put energy into where it is needed.

Our society's addiction to food not only means that we tend to eat when we shouldn't (when we are sick or bored or after the sun sets, etc) but we also eat too much (me included).  Gluttony is mentioned in the Scriptures as a sin, although many people ignore that because we like to socialize around food so much.  But it is totally unhealthy for our body (not to mention an unnecessary expense).   It clogs up our digestive and elimination systems causing toxins to build within our bodies and we poison ourselves slowly over time.  Is that really any different than killing ourselves quickly (suicide)?

I fully recommend 'The Daylight Diet' by Paul Nison, in which fasting becomes built in to the daily routine.  I provide 1-3 meals for my body per day usually between 7 or 8 am and 4 pm, and then I fast the rest of the day and night.  That means that once my stomach has digested my supper, which is usually raw vegetarian, my body has all evening and thru the night to cleanse and then rebuild before I start putting more food into the system with the next day's break-fast.  (Note that word.  It is intended to break the fast.)

"Fasting, plus a decrease in the quantity of food eaten daily is the only check on over-eating."

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