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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

About Electromagnetic Radiation

From Dr Edward Group When electromagnetic radiation penetrates living matter, it causes ionization (the loss of electrons) from healthy atoms. This affects our DNA, and can result in chromosomal mutation, cellular damage, disease and ultimately death. We lose electrons by Watching TV, talking on our cell phone, computer usage, working in an office with fluorescent lighting and many other common daily activities. Our bodies are healthy when we gain electrons - not lose them! We gain electrons by walking in the woods or along the beach, breathing pure oxygen, and eating live fruits and vegetables. Unfortunately, in our currently toxic world, losing electrons is much easier than gaining them.
Most people do not even know about the harmful effects of radiation. You may think, "Hey, a little radiation when I surf the Internet, watch TV, or talk on my cellphone won't hurt. It's not like I'm sticking my head in the microwave oven." Well, guess again, it does matter! Research shows that daily, low doses of radiation increase your risk of developing several different forms of cancer.15
John Gofman, professor emeritus of Medical Physics at UC Berkeley and an expert on radiation's health effects states, "There is no safe threshold. If this truth is known, then any permitted radiation is a permit to commit murder."16 Dr. Gofman certainly knows what he's talking about since he helped produce plutonium for the Manhattan Project, which was the United States' top secret program for developing the first atomic bombs.
The links below examine some harmful sources of radiation affecting us on a daily basis and how to eliminate them.

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