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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Old Country Market

This morning, after going to the Errington Farmer's Market, we stopped in at the

at Coombs which is famous for the Goat on the Roof

Inside the market is a restaurant and tonnes and tonnes of food stuffs like

The baked goods have always been impressive, like the Greek Flatbread

This market is also a great place to find gift ideas and home decor

Everette's biggest dilemma was how to pick a good hot sauce without trying them out.  There was such a huge selection, and so many of them looked and sounded good.
Even the House Brand

And the place wouldn't seem quite the same without this fella


  1. *screaming* I want to goooooooo!! It looks sooooo awesome! :) The Goat on the roof is very cool!! Love it!

  2. Natasha, EVERYONE should come here once in their life. =D