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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Live Simply

Live simply so that others may simply live.

A simple quote (not sure where I heard it from) but so true.  In our western 'civilized' society we are such huge consumers that we barely bat an eye at all the materials (natural & un-natural) we use to build and then fill not only our houses but also our garages and sheds and whatever space we have.  (We are always amazed at how many Public Storage places are around (and more are 'needed') full of all the 'extras' people have!!) And the environment is never the same, because we have either diminished  the resources, and/or created unnecessary waste both in production and in throw-away.

This video may seem a bit extreme to many, but the concept is so simple.  We really can live with a whole lot less stuff, and even "conveniences" if we were more careful about our actions, where we put our money, and where even our time goes to maintain all that stuff.


  1. Watched the video clip. He said Zen, THAT Zen Zero? Must be, because the older fella with hair on his head looks familiar.

  2. THAT Zen Zero. Don't know if you recall, but at ZZ they had a lifesize picture of Alan and Linda when they ran daily marathons until they covered the length of all of New Zealand.