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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Hitting the Markets

And the feel about it was way more what I expect from a countryside market.  A busy hubbub with country music....
But, not everything we wanted did we find at the Farmer's Market, so we drove into town to our favorite market....
I enjoy shopping here, and enjoy visiting with Jordan, one of the owners of the store.  They carry a great selection of products and produce.  "Not only organic, but also ecologically, ethically, and locally produced; products at Naked Naturals represent what our families ought to consume, both for ourselves as well as others around us."

I find their prices totally competitive, and often much cheaper, and I love the fact that if I spend over $100 at one time, I get 10% off.  Do you know how many times I leave that store with spending less than $100?  The one time I did that, Jordan said "I'm disappointed in you!" with a smile ;)

****And I cracked up the first time I realized at the bottom  of my store receipt it said, "Thank you for shopping Naked"


  1. LOL! I think I was there the day you looked at the bottom of your receipt.

    Did they recognize you when you went in? They were always so nice to you.

  2. Yep, you and I were driving back home when we discovered it. What a hoot!

    Naked Naturals was the first place we hit to buy groceries, and at the till Jordan said "Do I know you? You look familiar." I said "Yea, we're the ones with all the kids." "That's right!! How've you been?" blah blah blah. I asked about his son in which he pulled out his tech out of the pocket and began to show us pics of his now- 2 sons and their family trip to Disneyland. Jordan is such a great guy.

  3. Wow! That market looks lovely! :) *sigh* I need to come visit!

  4. Jordan wasn't the hairy guy, was he? No...that guy's name was...Kris? That's cool that Jordan remembered you though! Is business going well for them?

  5. business is going so well they are opening another store in QB, where the antique store used to be before the fire. They hope to open in Dec I think. and it provides options over QF. And better prices than Jim at Heaven on Earth.