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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Home Fellowship

The place where we are presently staying (the Gray's) they have what they call Home Fellowship usually on a weekly basis.  They share a meal together, the children play, the adults visit and then listen to a podcast or watch a video and have a discussion that arises from what they just  listened to.
There's lots of children (14 children from 3 families, plus ours), and Anders is counting that there are now 4 vehicles in the driveway besides our big van.  Here the children are eating their supper, as obviously there isn't a table big enough to seat us all.

Danaka and Annalee

Nicole G.
Danaka, Kelli-Ann, M & M

Kasia O.

Colleen M (Kat's friend spending the night), Kathryn G. , Gaelyn


Layne & Rauchelle
Nicole G, Elaine G., Lisa O., Bruce G.

 Everette, Shawn O.

We watched a video by Wayne Jacobsen at Lifestream called Sharing in the Father's Affection

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