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Monday, June 14, 2010


We got her with us again!  Hallelujah, Layne has come 'home' again!!!!!

We picked her up at noon, checked out a Scuba Diving shop (because Rauchelle was thinking of taking lessons), (shhhhh) we got Iced Frapp's at Timmies then went to Departure Beach to play in the sand

but more fun came of being with one another,

and hanging the children over the retaining wall!!

And when Rauchelle mentioned that maybe while Layne was here the two of them could go shopping, Layne checked to see if Chelle might have a fever!!

It's okay, she's feeling fine.

We stopped by Qualicum Foods and A Step Above where Layne used to work and she saw some of her former co-workers who were sincerely glad to see her.  And a faithful customer Shirley, who made a point of letting me know "You know, everybody Loves Layne!!"  So sweet.   And Kevin gave complimentary scoops of ice cream to the kiddos, cuz he likes them so much.

Then back at Gray Haven Layne was the hit of the evening.  She took kiddos for walks, did the swings and trampoline

And checked out boo-boo's (he sliced the bottom of his toe the other night running thru the sprinklers when he had a run-in with a metal tent peg in the grass holding down a plastic sheet for sliding on)

She's a hit.  The big sister come 'home' for a filling of her love-tank.  I'm sure we can deliver.

Ya U Layne

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