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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Life around here

Sad to say, its rained or we've been fogged in every single day since Summer Solstice/Father's Day. The fog was chilly, and often we get big winds here. The dc are getting a little stir-crazy, which is especially discouraging since it is supposed to be summer here. Usually we like to get to some celebration for Canada Day, but the weather isn't looking very co-operative in that department. Bummer!

I've been taking in lots of the Raw Mom Summit, and enjoying quite a few speakers even though we come with different philosophies of origins and life forces, etc. But I am encouraged by many of them. It's been a bit much, and I've chosen to skip a few speakers all together, or glean tidbits here and there as I tried to 'fast-forward' best I could. I admit, my family hasn't functioned as well this week while mom has spent more hours with a headset on. I think I'm done now, although there's another day or two left.

I asked Danaka to venture out in the pouring rain this morning to pick some wild strawberry leaves, and she was followed by Anders. We made a small batch of infusion and drank it all up this afternoon. She's got another mason jar steeping for the night. I learned about infusions by Susun Weed this week on the Summit, and it is definitely something I want to start doing in this pregnancy right away once I get my herbs ordered and delivered. She was comparing the calcium content one would get from making a nettle tea (5mg) to a nettle infusion (250mg), and it seems like a no-brainer way of getting vitamins and minerals in an easily utilized way, and cheaper than supplements.

I'm working back into doing more reading aloud with the dc. I always enjoy doing that. There were many, many days that I'd read for 4 or more hours to Layne and Rauchelle, even days I'd start to lose my voice. We so enjoyed traveling to nether-lands with each other, living lives very unlike our own. I want to do that more and more with these 'younger dc', but there's always those who are left wandering around, having nobody to play with **** because their playmates are listening to mom read. But, somehow we'll work through this.

A few weeks back we received 'The Story About Ping' through (we used to own it, and now we do again!) and it has become Anders' favorite now. Honestly, I'm glad we've moved past 'Madeline'. That one personally wears on me after just a couple of readings.

Well, just wanted to let you know we are alive way over here on the island hanging out in the Atlantic! I'm wanting to share about the fourth single word the Lord spoke to me last year as I really began this new journey with Him. In many ways, the final word (well, I know He's got more words for me, but the lessons at that time were limited to 4 simple words, one at a time) encompasses them all. Maybe I'll get some quiet time later tonight, or sometime tomorrow to process my thoughts somewhat cohesively!

****Toveli said to me last year "I wish we had more kids in the family, 'cause there's never anybody to play with".

Question for You: Do you get tired easily of reading the same children's books over and over again?

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