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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Laars is Two!

Our 3rd son turned 2 on Friday. I had made a post early and thought I uploaded it on his Birthday, but then I was dismayed not to find it up there. Well, turns out it is dated as posted on the 17th because that's when I originally started working on it.

So, now I'm changing the post and it'll be late! But I wanted to recognize his birthday, a day of blessing to us and those who love him....and a gift to the world that God loves so much.

Everette always catches a snapshot of the moon or the sunrise on the day each of our dc are born. Laars was born early morning while it was still dark, and this is the sunrise that morning from our patio.

Precious Little Feet

I know that each and every baby is a blessing not only to the family, but they are actually a gift to the whole world! Baby Laars had a few attacks on his life in the womb (the placenta started to separate 2 times in 2nd semester), I had 2 dreams of his life being threatened by demons(I rarely remember my dreams), and at his birth he was born with his umbilical cord broken at both ends....very uncommon.

He is happy, healthy and wise! A real treat to the whole family.


Question for You: Do you have a tradition you did for each of your childrens' births?

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  1. He looks so much OLDER than I remember him from a few months ago.