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Monday, June 15, 2009

A drive along the Bras d'Or Lakes

We've seen an awful lot of Nova Scotia in the time that we were here last year, and now we are doing a bit more touring. We've sailed some of the Bras d'Or Lakes, and that's one good reason we are back on Cape Breton, since last year Rauchelle became a partner with 3 (old) men (okay, they are like 66, 70 & 72, or something like that...seriously!) and we want to do some more sailing.
They say that you haven't seen Cape Breton until you've seen it from the lake, and it rivals sailing the Sunshine Coast of BC.

So yesterday we took a drive across part of the lake. You probably can't really get an idea of the Bras d'Ors unless you see a map of it. It is a large body of salt water (22% vs ocean 37%) being fed freshwater from watershed, and the lake dominates the interior of Cape Breton island. The lake is kind of cut off at Little Narrows, making there a northern and a southern lake but yet all called Bras d'Or (French meaning 'arm of gold')which is where we took a short ferry ride.

Toveli and Gaelyn amongst the trees


Laars and Daddy having fun blowing dandelion seeds

Laars is going to be turning 2 on the 26th. He's now spent most of his life away from BC
The fern-maiden Rauchelle
Toveli is the awesome hairdresser

Danaka, growing up so fast

Daddy threatening Anders about pulling him off of the fence

Our balancing beauty

a short ferry ride at Little Narrows, Barra Strait

Question for You: Where is your favorite Days-Drive?


  1. I MISS YOU!!!!!!! Laars is geting so BIG! Where's Mitch and Maret? Did they stay home?

  2. M & M stayed home with Aunt Jo & Uncle Kevin, cuz you know how much Mitch hates to drive. They had a nice day without us and ended up going to Alice's for supper.
    Before we came home we stopped in Port Hawkesbury to buy pants for some of the girls, and was blessed with sales that were even better at the till than on the price tag. That is SO COOL! The favor of God.