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Tuesday, June 9, 2009


I was listening to Lance Wallnau (from thru and have been thinking about something he said. He loosely quoted Napolean Bonaparte by saying "The objective of a war is victory, but the objective of the victory is occupation." Then Lance said "If you can't occupy til He comes, then the enemy actually takes back more in coming back then he had when he got driven out."

Occupy. Follow the job thru to completion. How easy it is to get excited about the win, but can we push thru to occupy and keep our victory!!

Jesus talked about a person getting delivered from evil spirits, but if the house wasn't swept and then filled, the spirits would come back in greater numbers and the person would be worse off.

In simple terms, I can get the whole house victoriously spring-cleaned, but if I don't constantly work at occupying and keeping order.......well, most of us know what happens!!

Occupy! Occupy! Occupy all the territory the Lord has given, all that is within your influence. Let's push back the darkness and flood it with LIGHT! And keep on shining!!!!

Question for You: What or where do you feel God is calling YOU to occupy?

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