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Saturday, June 13, 2009

My Frustration

I found a new blog this morning called 'the voice of one crying in suburbia' worth reading, which led me to an excellent article at
They both have articles about having children and the quiverfull idea. In light of what I just wrote the other day, I thought they were timely.

I was particularly impressed by Dr. Voddie Baucham who is a pastor. I seldom hear pastors who 'endorse' the quiverful belief, and find it disturbing that Christians live their lives very much like the society around them. And even in 'economic downturn' times, we Christians ought to be shining beacons to those around us, marching to a heavenly beat that's not of this world, living differently.

This winter while we were away in Arizona, we often heard about God being into 'multiplication.....not addition'. But what disturbed me was that people like that idea when it comes to multiplication of their time, or resources, or their joy, or their pocketbook......but it was never about children. Never. But in reality, the very first time in Scripture that multiplication was directed at man, it was for Adam and Eve to 'be fruitful and multiply'.

Gen 1:28 And God blessed them and said to them, Be fruitful, multiply, and fill the earth, and subdue it [using all its vast resources in the service of God and man]; and have dominion over the fish of the sea, the birds of the air, and over every living creature that moves upon the earth.

I have never come across a scripture that said God nullified that command. Of course, reproduction has nothing to do with salvation. I clearly know that. But He is a God of fruitfulness, abundance, multiplication. Why would we think He wants us to multiply or be abundant in all areas of our lives, but not in bearing children made in His image?

I am honestly, sincerely, questioning why the vast majority of Christians don't 'get' the quiverful idea about children. If you have some input, let me know. I just don't get it.

We were surrounded this winter by people who operate in the supernatural, but none that I am aware of, believe in letting God plan their family. It's like they have faith for limbs to grow back, they have faith for prostitutes to become new creations, they have faith to see money miraculously appear in their bank accounts, they have faith for metal-rods and cancerous tumours to dissolve out of body's. But they don't seem to have faith that if left naturally, that married couples will only produce babies that God intended for them; that the woman's body can healthily and vibrantly carry a child to term & deliver a healthy baby naturally without complications; and that all the family's 'needs' will be met not by the measure of their need but "according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus."(Phil 4:19)

I don't know if this makes sense to anyone out there. But....This is my heart, and this is my frustration.

Question for You: What things frustrate you the most?

NOTE: As of July 2011, my dh and I no longer agree with much of the QF mindset.


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  2. Hey Mom! I'm glad you've gotten back in to blogging. Thanks for sending the email versions of your posts. I suppose because of you and Dad all this QF stuff is so OBVIOUS to me...but I'm also naturaly touchy about the negative view on kids that show up "too early" in the marriage. Thank you for letting me join your family.


  3. You arrived at the PERFECT time. Everything about you is LOVELY!!

    I miss you.

  4. Hi Karen! I love this and couldn't agree more. I personally believe that birth control is the same thing as abortion. We've been married for 3.5 years and only used bc for 1 month (got convicted). We still don't have any children and have faith that when God wants us to have them, then and only then, will we! I think you are a VERY blessed woman and the Lord has shown you favor in childbearing! Love you:)

  5. The mind-set of abortion and the reasons ppl have abortions are often similar or even the same reasons why ppl use b/c. (bad timing, too young/old, can't afford, no support, poor health). But Christians are to live with a different mindselt, and we are citizens of a different kingdom where none of those 'reasons' are truth.

    You and Dusty WILL BE BLESSED with a baby sometime soon!!! We declare that for your womb! With God all things are possible, just beleive!

  6. This touches me Karen. I see something on this blog that says you are 10 weeks pregnant again. Before I heartily congratulate you, may I ask if this is current?

  7. Yes, Colleen, we are expecting again! I am so amazed at God, how He continues to bless our womb even when we feel inadequate. But that's it....He is our strength and our sustenance. In Him we have ALL that we need.
    Love you, and praying for you my sister.