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Thursday, June 11, 2009

A Wellness Shake

If you check out John Gray's site @ (he's known for the bks about Men being from Mars and Women are from Venus.....that's not the title, just the gist of it) he has a Wellness Program I don't follow, but I use his 'recipe' for the shake without buying his products. I noticed from the very first day my emotions where way more level and I feel much better on the days that I drink the shakes and the cleanse he suggests. I'll post the recipes, cuz like I said I don't purchase his products.

The premise of his Wellness program is that men & women (mars & venus) have differing nutritional needs for their brains and hormones. I haven't noticed differences in his measurements other than for protein (women needing 10-20g vs men 13-30g per shake) and the flax oil or seed (half the amount for men).

Anyways, what I am finding powerful is that when I drink these shakes and the cleanse, I feel much more stable and in control of my emotions. Not the roller-coaster feeling I used to experience.

I also watched an interview on with a rabbi/medical Dr Eric Braverman from Cornell who believes that most of our medical/phsycological/disease/weight situation is controlled via the chemistry of our brain, and that by using herbal teas and spices we can change our whole physical state, even making us look and feel younger. He believes that God gave us plants/herbs for our health, and considers pharmaceuticals as witchraft (manipulation).

Anyways, here's the shake recipe I use and feel great with, but the taste took a bit getting used to. And I start every morning with the cleanse drink which is ideal for the liver and bloodstream.

CLEANSE drink, on empty stomach
8 oz water (I use hot to melt the honey)
1 oz aloe vera juice
1 tsp honey
juice of 1/2 lemon
trace minerals (ionic plan sourced) in amount recommended by manufacturer (I use Cellfood)

Laars and Anders share my drink most mornings, and Chelle and Everette drink their own most mornings now, too.


12 oz water
handful whole almonds with skins
1/2 tsp psyllium husk powder (the flaky looking stuff, not the fine powder)
1 TBsp cacao powder
1 TBsp coconut oil****
1 Tbsp flax oil (or 2 TB ground flax seed)
1 tsp molasses (I don't put that in my smoothy. I eat it plain or in warm water. It's not my favorite but it has lots of minerals)
frozen berries for phytonutrients like blueberries (per how thick and cold you like the smoothy/shake)
whole apple (minus the stem/seeds of course, and Gray peels it. I usually skip the apple)
whey protein powder (10-20g for women)
I sometimes add a big handful of baby salad greens

John Gray also suggests adding 1-2 tsp maca root. But I don't have it, and I think that's the ingred in the Vega protein I was using that made me really not enjoy the shake. So I skip it. At present I'm not using protein powder, just getting the protein from the almonds and a raw egg I add. But the next time I order stuff from the healthfood store I'm going to get Udo's Beyond Greens or Prairie Naturals Blueberry Greens Force, and let Everette consume the Vega. your health!

****my friends will recall that I was allergic to coconut oil/cream. But Praise God! I am completely healed. I asked, I believed, and then I acted on it. No more hives or sick feeling from it. I have several TBsp each day now)

Question for You: Do you have a health drink you have every day?

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