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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Being Green

Okay, so I'm not the most green person around, I admit. But when I got an ah-hah! moment about John 3:16-17, I started to think about all that God gave up so that the world might be saved, and started to question if I was living in-line with what He loves, or was I living in opposition to it? After all, one of my main prayers is that I would love the things that the Lord loves, and hate the things that He hates.

I don't think John was suggesting that we love the man-made systems of the world which are motivated by power, greed, lust, etc. But that thru the abundance of love that fills us as children of our Father, we would see the world thru His eyes and have a burning desire to improve and benefit the whole world, including the people.

When I am completely full of Him, I actually am in need of no-thing. I certainly don't need to lust after any of the stuff or powers of the world, and am therefore not tempted to love the world in a sinful way. But being full of Him , Ron says, "leads to serving mankind and the world around us by seeking to make things better for everyone; to bring the peaceful, prosperous, order of God to the kosmos. This love from God is a giving kind of love."

Question for You: Do you consider yourself 'green'? What sort of things do you major on to live 'green'?

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