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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Sleeping on the Floor

In passing I mentioned to some of my dc that the Boutenko 'Raw Family' all sleep on the floor, and that it is supposedly healthy for your back. Victoria Boutenko says that the first few nights you'll likely awaken with achy parts of the body, but she sees them as signs of detox. She says that if someone becomes used to sleeping on the floor and then sleeps on the bed, they will also suffer 'detox symptoms'.

Anyways, in my quick research online the opinion seems to be....if it works for you, great. Go for it.

So, by choice, Danaka and Maret have set up their own 30-day challenge to sleep on the floor. First morning they woke up with aches, and it had been a bit of a tossing-night. Second night went much better, and they figured out on their own the most comfortable positions. I think they've now done 5 nights, and they are having great sleeps.

I chuckled the other day when I walked by Rauchelle's bedroom, and I saw her bed-topper on the floor along with her quilt and pillows. She has joined the floor-dwellers!! And like with camping, she says the first night is the worst and it improves after that. She intends to keep sleeping there, at least for the time being.

In the back of my mind I keep thinking that if the whole family didn't require beds anymore, and happily slept on thin mats or a quilt on the floor, that would simplify our life even more, and make moving from place to place even that much easier.

Ok, I haven't tried it yet. I haven't been a fan of 'camping' for years now, and always favored sleeping on my own bed in a cozy bedroom. But I won't say "Never".

Question for You: What radical thing do you do that others think you're crazy to do?

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