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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sleeping on the Floor Update

One more night and Danaka and Maret have accomplished their 30 days sleeping on the floor. But they are all excited about continuing the practise. They both find it more comfortable now then laying on the couch even for watching a video! At this point Maret has no intentions of going back to sleeping on a bed.

They started by sleeping on a thick sleeping bag. They are now just sleeping on a thin blanket.

A few days after the girls started, Rauchelle decided to give it a try. After 2 days on the floor, she was having such fantastic sleeps! She was using a mattress topper, and decided it wasn't working in her best interests as it caused her to sleep in too long!! She was far too cozy. So she took up sleeping on a thick sleeping bag on the floor. She also has no intentions of going back to sleeping on a bed, and sees the simplicity of that as a lifestyle choice.

Rauchelle is going to be camping/tenting for her Canadian Nationals for her Air Rifle competition in a couple weeks, and she's looking forward to having a much better sleep than her camping friends since they likely aren't used to sleeping on the hard ground, and when camping most people seem to have crummy sleeps at least the first couple nights till they adjust. She's confident that she won't have that adjustment to make! Time will tell.

Anyways, just thought I'd update the sleeping 'test'. I'm still sleeping on a mattress!

Question for You: Have you ever tested out sleeping on the floor for longer than just a couple of days?

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