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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Raw Foods

Yesterday my brother-in-law watched a television program about a guy who weighed 400 lbs, and then in 1 year he lost 200lbs by eating a raw diet. Half his body weight!!! In one year. That's incredible. And he rid himself of ailments and disease along the way.

I've been reading about the raw food diet for years now, and although I'm not 100% raw-eating myself, I totally support the rawfood diet. I don't believe that in the long-run one needs to stay 100% raw, but it is certainly known to heal alot of different diseases in a short period of time, like diabetes, arthritis, irritable bowel syndrome, etc. Not to mention the positive changes it brings to ones life with lost weight and renewed energy and vitality.

There's lots of great sites and blogs to check out. Some suggestions I have are listed on the bar to the right of this blog, under RAW.

Any day that I feel good, I have stayed away from cooked foods. It's that simple. The days I eat cooked foods, I tend to be more lethargic, more irritable, more sleepy. That isn't very helpful when I'm a mom to little ones who always have an abundance of energy.

Try raw for yourself. See the difference.

Question for You: Do you get very much raw food in your daily diet?


  1. Hey Karen, I enjoy the raw food world videos on Youtube. Only started watching them when they were traveling through Ecuador as they were in Vilcabamba and I wanted to see the footage. They have some neat info. sometimes and recipes. Also, recently found a 'health' website that has some great articles and links. How to attain/maintain the highest degree of health.

  2. Mike Adams (Natural News) lives in Vilcabamba and is really getting action on more and more health-conscious ppl moving there. Matt Monarch and Angela Stokes-Monarch are planning to move there sometime in near future too and raise family there on their acreage. Makes me re-visit my dreams a bit of moving there!

    I've been to but I'll be checking out the natural hygiene society site. Thanks for the info.