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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Get Grounded

Listening this past week to David Wolfe on-line I was really interested in what he had to say about getting grounded. I am not real knowledgeable in the sciences, and electricity is something I use without really understanding it. But what David had to say made sense to me.

Particularly since the invention of rubber soles and our houses being built off the ground and being furnished with carpets, etc., we have been suffering from a separation from the earth. Add to that all the appliances, wiring, computers, tv's etc that introduce EMF (electic-magnetic fields) that constantly bombard us, we should expect that there is something negatively affecting our own body's electric field.

I'll put some links here so if you are interested you can research some stuff on your own. I encourage you to. But I'm not really wanting to discuss the science stuff behind it, nor the controversy of whether EMF effect our health. Decide for yourself.

But I've been reflecting on some past experiences when I clearly remember a revitalized feeling when I was connected to the earth. Like walking for 4 days barefoot on Caye Caulker Island in Belize. Walking barefoot in the sand and the waves at any beach. Sleeping on the cool grass under a tree on a summer day. Swimming in lakes. Dangling my feet in the water while sitting on a wharf. Stresses seem to melt away. Creativity seems to flow.

Many people work in the garden because they recognize the therapeutic effects of getting their hands into the earth. Rauchelle says she greatly prefers running along trails where the tree branches hit her bare arms. Layne says she walks barefoot on the White Rock beach when she's stressed. I find solace soaking in a tub of water. Think of all the stories you've heard of people getting downloads of great ideas while standing under the water in the shower.

I don't remember hearing that God made sandals for Adam and Eve when he gave them clothes to wear. And I wonder what they slept on in the Garden? Likely, the earth, or something natural to make a little cushioning for themselves, like branches.

There's a few products one can use to help eliminate the effects of EMF in your house or workplace, or on your body. I'm not vouching for any of them. Currently we aren't using any of them. But I do have a suggestion that's free.

Especially since its summer in the northern hemisphere (except here on Cape Breton where we are), every day get outside in your barefeet, go for a walk at the beach barefoot, or work in your garden without work gloves. Encourage your dc to go barefoot in appropriate places where you are fairly confident that there aren't needles, glass, etc.

Question for You: Can you identify with that feeling of being grounded?

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