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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Kisses with Jesus

Little Laars (2yo) sleeps with Everette and I, over on my side of the bed. Throughout the night he often moves around until some body part of his is touching some part of mama's body. He seeks me out, not for the warmth, but to know that mama is still near. He finds comfort in me.

Come morning, he isn't content just to touch me with a foot or a hand. He purposes to come snuggle right beside me. His head must be on my pillow alongside of my head. He takes his hands and either pulls my ears or my chin towards him so that he can plant a sweet pucker on me. Well, he virtually never stops with just one kiss. He likes to cover me with kisses.

Oh, to be that way with Jesus. I want to always be in His presence, to know that He is near me, to feel Him. But there are those times when I just can't seem to get enough of Him. I'm overwhelmed with His beauty, His goodness, His love.

I want those moments more than just once a day. I want them more. I need them more. Just like Laars......always wanting more of the good stuff!!

Question for You: If you have had a family bed, what are some of your favorite memories of it?

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