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Friday, July 24, 2009

Acadian Days

A Celebration of the French Canadians who settled here in the Maritimes.

This Acadian couple came up from Halifax to put on a show of songs she wrote of her upbringing, and how the Acadians were helped out by the MikMaq, etc. The gentleman played a variety of percussion instruments including a suitcase they fondly called the "So Long".

The children had opportunity to play wooden spoons and other instruments, dress-up in period costumes, and sing along when prompted. There was also face painting.
It ended with free ice cream and a cake decorated with the acadian flag.

Here's 3 of our girls that dressed up, and their friend Daniel M.

Question for You: Does your town celebrate special days applicable to that specific location?


  1. I love that Jesse is playing that shoe thing. There was one on that Sandra Beach video Grandma J used to have. Do you remember? I always thought it was weird.

  2. Ahhh, Sandra Beach.
    This fellow had lots of interesting instruments, and the dc had tonnes of fun. Jennifer & Scott were involved in arranging the whole thing, and we are blessed to have Jennifer always keen on having our dc there. She's super.