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Monday, October 18, 2010

Whiffen Spit

An actual place name;  popular for a walk here in Sooke.  It appears as though its more popular to walk dogs than to take children though.  But Gaelyn was able to tell basically every person that was walking their dog that it was a 'Cute Dog' (even if it wasn't cute to the rest of Banjo, hey Layne?)

Laars is NOT a walker.  He always wants to hitch a ride.  He'd rather pick flowers, but the rest of the gang is always walking too fast for him to enjoy the flowers to his hearts content.

Laars' find was an acorn and a little carrot.  Mama said 'Yuck' about the carrot so he traded it in for a rock.

Hey, I lost my shoe!!!

                           'Twas a beautiful walk. 

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