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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Impromptu Art Show

The doorbell rings.  Who would it be, in the dark, no lights on outside, and we don't really know anybody around here?

It's a travelling door-to-door salesman selling original oil paintings!  With a cute accent.  (I'm a sucker for accents.  This one is Israeli.  I love Israeli accents.)  Everette invites Ille (or something like that) in with his art package.

He rushes in with his big bundle and plops himself confidently in front of the gas fireplace.  He's certainly not shy, not one bit.

The children gather around on the newly arrived couches (Everette just picked them up this afternoon from his sisters.  Ahhh, we are relieved to be off of the floor finally!  Numb-bum has been a constant for 2 weeks now).

Voila!  Our living room is morphed into an impromptu Art Show.

We are told of some of the techniques used with the oils, the rubbing off, the tools (to apply and/or remove).  We feel the texture.  Marvel at the vibrant colours.  Recognize some of the famous painters they are trying to 'copy'.  Van Gogh, Picasso.  We see Jerusalem.  Paris.  Venice.  Tour d'France. Fields of poppies.  Ancient pottery.

All so beautiful.  The depth created by layers and colours.  The play with shadows.

The children loved it.  Up close and centre.  What a treat.

And I snuck some photos.

Most of the children liked the flower pictures

Inspired by Picasso

Field of Poppies was one of Gaelyn's favorites and looked great on our wall at the bottom of the stairwell.

Looks too much like Thomas Kinkade pictures.  Not my favourite artist at all.

A 'Van Gogh' look-alike

My personal favourite.  I was tempted to purchase this one, but chose to buy groceries for the littles instead.  Was a tough decision, though.   


  1. Very beautiful art work! :) So you did purchase the Field of Poppies?

  2. Nope, no purchase. I would have bought the black/white Paris as would Everette. The Field of Poppies would have been one of 3 or 4. Was really good prices for originals but the big expense is framing, and we aren't spending moola on art right now.