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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Class/Grade IV Cancer STINKS

I'd heard of stage 4, as in the last stages of cancer before one is expected to die.

But I hadn't heard of Class IV or Grade IV.

I enter a whole new arena, from a (unfortunately) personal position.  It isn't just somebody I know or have heard about.  It is my brother. My brother has Class IV brain cancer.
David with his wife and their sons.

Well, this isn't the first time cancer has touched our family.  My father had skin cancer, but it wasn't a big concern, and it was heart failure that took him (22 years next month!).  And my paternal Grandma (whom I didn't know) died of cancer.

The most involved I've been with a cancer patient was when Everette's Dad was diagnosed with colon cancer just over 5 years ago.  They figured he'd have about 2 years to live.  We buried him in 3.5 months.  And during those months we dropped most of our family projects (we were doing major landscaping) in favour of spending as much time with him as we could.  And when things suddenly turned for the worst we were so glad we hadn't banked on the two-years-we-didn't-get.  Danaka and Rauchelle had spent the last week staying with Grandma & Grandpa, memories they can always hold on to, knowing they were loving on them with their presence,  a held hand, a sip of water offered, a needed hug.

I believe in instantaneous and progressive miracles.  I do.  I've seen them.  My husband has been a part of them.  I WANT ONE NOW!!!  Yes, I'm yelling that.  My insides are screaming for that!  I WANT MY BROTHER HEALED!!!

Born on Christmas Day, next year we will be celebrating David's 50th Birthday.  It shall be a BIG CELEBRATION.  I say that in Faith for a great outcome.

Tumor grade

The grade of a tumor refers to how abnormal the cancer cells look under a microscope and how quickly the tumor is likely to grow and spread. Cells removed by biopsy are used for grading. The following grading system may be used for adult brain tumors:

Grade I
The tumor grows slowly, has cells that look similar to normal cells, and rarely spreads into nearby tissues. It may be possible to remove the entire tumor by surgery.

Grade II
The tumor grows slowly, but may spread into nearby tissue and may become a higher-grade tumor.

Grade III
The tumor grows quickly, is likely to spread into nearby tissue, and the tumor cells look very different from normal cells.

Grade IV
The tumor grows very aggressively, has cells that look very different from normal cells, and is difficult to treat successfully.                            (from

I wish I had never had to know that.  I wish I didn't even know that Class IV existed.  Sometimes naivety seems more comfortable.  But that's not my option.  Unfortunately.

I know I will have much to learn as we walk this part of our journey.  Learn some things about cancer and health and the medical system.  But more than that, we have much to learn about relationships, about supporting one another in spite of personal view points, about patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, etc.....and self-control.  About forgiveness, about gentle answers turn away wrath, about preferring one another above ourselves.  Tough life lessons.

And about letting go.  Hopefully, we don't need to let go of David because hopefully he's stuck with us for a very long time.  But I probably have lessons to learn about letting go of my ideals, agendas, etc.

Class IV Cancer STINKS!!!!  but the lessons that surround it will be priceless.  This I do know.

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