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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

7 Things You (Probably) Don't Know About Me

1.  My feet went from about a size 8 to a 9-9.5 shoe due to pregnancies, and have not returned to their previous size.  I somehow did not read about this Hazard in the Pregnancy Literature.

2. I won the Elementary School Top Student Award in Grade 7 (Teachers Pet) and received an S badge and a coffee table book on Photography.

3. I begged my dad for a new 10-speed bike and received one over the summer, to have it stolen by October.  I swear I locked it up at the school bike rack!

4. I get faint at the thought of needles, and have been dragged across the gymnasium floor after getting a shot, and once I fainted at the medical clinic (after getting a few tubes of blood taken) when I needed to use their telephone to call home and get some pertinent information.  When I went down, so did the nurses stack of files and papers ;)  I can deliver a baby no problem, just don't prick me!

5. I no longer believe that hell is an eternal place. 

6. I think that a woman's breasts are fascinating.

7. I still don't bake with raisins, but I am more likely to eat your baking with raisins in it than I used to.  I was so adamantly against raisins in any type of food that when Everette once snuck 1 lonely raisin into my morning oatmeal,  the moment my mouth identified the foreign object it was propelled across the table to my astonished husbands chest. 

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