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Thursday, October 7, 2010

The DrySteam Team

 Everette is part of The DrySteam Team--a business on south Vancouver Island committed to cleaning and sanitizing while caring for our environment.

There is such versatility to this commercial machine, and all of the cleaning is done with high temperature steam (5% humidity) and non-toxic cleaners.  Check this out!!

The wad of gum is directly below the wire brush.
While power-washing floods the walkways with water and still can't remove the old wads of (black) gum, The DrySteam Team can clean up quickly.  Although aggregate helps blend the gum in to its surroundings, your customers still see it speckling their walk into your place of business. 

But in just seconds and without puddles of standing water, we basically dissolve the gum and remove it from your premises.

See below how the white paint that was rubbed onto a red Durango in a Too-Close Encounter is efficiently removed without any damage to the vehicle paint.

white scrapes

No more Scrapes
 Many places are washing their tiles, but whose paying attention to dirty and unsanitary grout lines?
When they are totally disgusting some unlucky person might get down on their hands and knees and wear out their backs, knees and arm muscles trying to scrub those lines clean.
 But look how clean The DrySteam Team gets these grout lines with no body pain!
Mattresses and furniture can be sanitized to kill mold, mildew, dust mites and bed bugs (and their eggs) On Contact!! 

Allergies Be Gone!! 

And get the Good Night and Sleep Tight (and don't let the bed bugs bite) that you deserve.

The DrySteam Team works on both Commercial and Residential premises.  We can help you schedule a maintanence plan so your customers are assured of a clean environment when they do business with you. 

For further information please check out or call Everette at 778.977.0418

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