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Monday, September 20, 2010

Thumbs Up for the House

wWe are moving to Sooke!

I heard from the landlady today and its all set for sometime next week.  Depending on how much cleaning and any fixing up she might have to do this upcoming weekend after the current tenant moves out, we will be residents in Sooke no later than Oct 1st.

Of course we are all excited.  Envisioning ourselves resident in the house isn't as cool as actually physically being there, but we'll practice patience for just another week!

Everette is excited to get his Victoria-area business going, and we'll all be working on our New Normal~ New Schedules.  So many routines get put on hold when you live in transition, and especially while we are staying with friends.  There are so many people to spend time with, more activities to do, less space, stuff unpacked, etc., so much goes by the wayside.  But in 2 weeks from now our family will be tweaking out how we want things done in our new house, and where we should store everything.  I love doing that.  And its a good thing, since Everette and I have had more than our share of moves.

Like I've mentioned before, I am excited to see what living a Minimalist lifestyle will look like for us at our new house.  It has much more floor space than I think we need, and a garage that doesn't fit our 15-passenger van and we don't own stuff to store in there (hallelujah!).  At present we don't even own couches or any living room furniture, and no kitchen table or chairs, or bar stools for the kitchen island.  So it will be sparse..... and lovely!!

And lots of places to store our books probably.  Books and games.  And we'll be setting up our infra-red sauna there too.  Everette's excited about that.

There are 2 bedrooms upstairs (besides the master bedroom) perfect for making a Boy's Room and a Girl's Room.  The obvious arrangement would be for the girls to take the pink room, and the boys get the girls room.  But those of you who know Maret know that she's going to be sleeping in the Boy's Room!!

That's it for the news about the house for now.  I can post pics when we get moved in.

Danica (she likes that spelling better than Danaka) and I had a good weekend in Vancouver area.  She joined me along with my Mom and Layne at a free event with Amega Global on Friday night, and then I spent Saturday at a training day while the 3 ladies shopped at Value Village and then Danica and Layne hit the White Rock beach for awhile.

Us girls stayed up way past my bedtime chatting which was enjoyable, and I got to sleep in Sunday morning and awoke to yummy smelling  (but absolutely not healthy) crepes suzettes made by mom.  Then Layne and I watched 'The Living Matrix' which was a fascinating documentary we had to keep pausing so we could discuss it.  Its all about energy fields, particularly about zero point energy field, and the amazing creation and functioning of our bodies.

The best part about going away is the coming home.  It's true.  I was a proud mama to find Everette brought 5 of the children to the ferry to pick D and I up.  The hugs and kisses are always so precious.  And I have such a handsome man to greet me.

I am Blessed.

More Update?.....I have a new site I'm building and will be moving some of my applicable posts from here over to there.  It's at but you'll have to give me a few days to get something up!  It's extremely minimalist (blank) at the present time (hehehe).

Much on my plate, actually.  Everette and I decided to enroll 4 of the girls for distance schooling. They are in practicality still homeschooled as they won't be attending a day school in a building, but this year we will be meeting goals of the ministry of education and being answerable to them with weekly contact and some portfolios throughout the year.  It will be more structured than we are used to, but I know that all of us can rise to the occasion, and in a weird sense I am looking forward to some accountability, not because I believe I need to answer to others about the successes/failures of my children (I do that before God) but because knowing that someone else is checking up on me might just be what I need to pull up my socks and do more of what I actually say/think I want to be doing.  I'm sure you all know how easy it is to procrastinate.  Easy as pie!!

Danica and Maret are both planning to take some online courses, and the rest will be facilitated by Yours Truly.

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