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Thursday, September 2, 2010


My new vocabulary word.


I love it, and it seems to be fitting our family's lifestyle. And I think the transitions we've been going through both recently and over the past 3 years since we originally left BC are leading us to embracing Minimalist ideology whole-heartedly.  Seems we started choosing this minimalist lifestyle 3 years ago without having a label to give it. 

Maybe we wouldn't be at this place if all of our plans had worked out the way we originally planned. Maybe we wouldn't be making the changes on purpose that we are now choosing to make. Maybe this is another Beginning of Change that will change us forever.  And we will be forever Thankful for.

Anyways, by following the rabbit trail I somehow ended up checking out Everett Bogue's site where he shares how he "adopted a minimalist lifestyle, and discovered that a little can go a long way, if you choose to live the right way." Click here to view more details

And I know that near the beginning of the rabbit trail it was Tammy Strobel that got me hooked.  I read this article and then started following her blog, and now she has this Just-Released Book out which is so exciting.  Click here to view more details 

Then there is a book called The Minimalist Cleaning Method which is right down my alley because I hate the thought of using toxic chemical cleaners in my house, because its bad for our family, and its bad for the environment, and its bad on the pocket book.  And I love the look of space under my cabinets, which seems rare to see in the average person's household.

(Note: I've become an affiliate to the above mentioned books because I believe in their message and want to share it with the world.  Its not only for your own benefit, but for the world's benefit.  So, if you want to read them, please order them through my links so I can benefit from the sale.  Thnx.)

I'm feeling a bit like a child in a candy store.  I am tantalized by so much that I see here in the Minimalist lifestyle circle.  I stand in awe at their creativity, their thinking-outside-of-the-box, their ingenuity, their guts to march to a different beat.

It doesn't seem like such a big deal for me, in a sense, to march to a different beat.  It seems we've been doing that for along while now.  With home-educating for more than 20 years now, to having more than the average children, to unschooling, to leaving institutional church, and eating High Raw, home- and water-birthing, and, and........

So, not much more to becoming a minimalist........

Well...... change always includes some discomfort and work.

But its so exciting and rewarding.   

PS  Realistically, this will be more of a challenge with so many people to 'convince' in our household, but I think my dc are very, very flexible, and so willing to change to better the world and their own health.  After all, they've all basically given up raised mattresses for sleeping on and prefer something thin on the floor, like just a couple of blankets or a sleeping bag with blankets on top.  That's a huge hurdle for some.

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