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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Special on Tooth Soap Products

On the right side of this page I have a banner for Tooth Soap.  If you click there you can see that there's savings to be had over there on the excellent products Karen (that's the creator's name) has to offer.  And presently there is free shipping and handling, including to Canada.

I really enjoy these products and find they do a wonderful job on cleaning our family's teeth.  My teeth never feel cleaner than after brushing with the Tooth Soap.  And Everette keeps some Tooth Swish in the van to freshen up his mouth while he's away from the house.

If at all interested, check it out while the savings are there.  Great time to give it a swirl. 

*I'm an affiliate, so if you click thru on my banner and decide to purchase, then I'll get a kick-back for which I'd be appreciative.

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