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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Give Every Day

I've added a new button over on the right sidebar, and wanted to highlight about it today.

About the Sheaffers:

"We are a family of four who are planning to travel the country with the intent purpose of giving – every day.

We are selling our house and almost all of our possessions. The next step will be to buy an RV, map our route, and give more than we’ve ever given before."

You can check out their blog and see for yourself what adventure they are beginning, and consider supporting them in prayer and financially, if your heart says to. 

I admire the journey they are beginning, and know from our own experiences that it will be greater and grander and a whole-lot different than they could imagine at the moment.  And something SO well worth it.  What a heritage/experience to give their beautiful daughters.  We would all do better to Give Every Day. 

Blessings, Sheaffers. 

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