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Monday, September 13, 2010

It Worked to Stop Snoring

I awoke from an unusual dream (I don't usually remember them) about a wolf like I'd picture in Little Red Riding Hood, big over-sized head, walking upright on 2 legs,  approaching my children but intercepted by their protective father.  I don't really remember much else, but I awoke with a rushing heartbeat that resulted in me laying awake for along time.

~ to hear my husband snoring.

I haven't heard him snore at all these nights.  I hadn't realized that, until I actually heard him snoring this night!!

You see, I wear a pendant (look under Products) on my neck 24/7.  I'd heard that it can help one to stop snoring, but I hadn't actually set out to try it.  But here was a great opportunity presented to me.

I undid the clasp and reached across the sleeping toddler that was spread between us.  Just within my reach I felt the edge of Everette's pillow where I silently placed the pendant.

I was shocked when, without any repositioning of Everette (by himself nor a nudge from me), his snoring diminished in the next breath.  It was absolutely immediate.

When I told him about it, he said that he had noticed that I hadn't been snoring at all since I started wearing the pendant.  I know, its hard to believe that I snored in the first place, right?  But now I don't!!

Supposedly this pendant (with crystals resonated to Zero Point Energy Field) has a 3 foot diameter that it influences.  Since Everette and I are sleeping on bed-toppers on the floor that create a bigger-than-king-size sleeping area for the family bed, we sometimes get spaced quite far apart, as occurred last night and thus it had no effect on him until I placed it near him.  Then the effect was immediate.

I've heard other Snoring Stories in regards to the pendant, but it was exciting to experience for myself.  If you have the opportunity to go to a demonstration of Amega Global, I highly recommend it.  Tell them I sent you ;)  I am an associate with AG.

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