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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Pastured Cows are a Good Thing

We don't eat much at all for meat, and as I've shared recently we aren't actually vegetarians although I can identify somewhat with all the points for vegetarianism here.

But here is a sane (from my perspective) take on raising animals for meat.

Pastured cows enrich soil, improve the environment, and make better meat

I don't believe that its wrong nor inherently unhealthy for people to eat meat.  But many of us grew up with a meat-and-potato diet  (along with dairy products) and America's health seems to be a picture of dis-ease as a result.  We are what we eat.  And most of that seems to be processed and a chemical-cocktail.

It doesn't have to be an All-or-Nothing proposition.  Eating meat can be an occasional (guilt-free) event, if that's what you are wanting.

But the mass raising of animals is not necessary for good health nor is it environmentally friendly.

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