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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Information Overload

Kevin Gianni in his book "High Raw"

"Another area that causes stress in our lives is information overload.
We’ve all been there, right? How can you not these days in our
information society? First of all, it’s important to trust yourself. If you
take the High Raw approach, the five principles will empower you to be
your own best health advocate. Trust that you have the information you
need in each moment and that you are doing your best with what you

"stress causes a hormone
reaction that is detrimental to your health. Your health and well-being will
benefit more from taking things one step at a time, at your own pace,
than trying to reach all of your goals overnight
Here’s the key: start with one thing. Just do it. Take action on it. Get it
done, then move on to the next step. When you can grasp this, you’ve
got it made. Add to this the unshakable confidence that you know you’ll
achieve your goals and you can relax and enjoy the process of creating
optimal health!

As they say, attitude is everything — and that’s true when it comes to
achieving your health goals too."

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