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Friday, January 7, 2011

Four reasons why people become vegetarian

Four reasons why people become vegetarian

We aren't Vegetarian, although friends and family might say that we are.  (what about a Sometimes Vegetarian?)  We just don't purchase & cook meat in our home (only fish).  We may or may not eat it when we are out, depending on the situation and our circumstances.

But the 4 reasons stated for why people have become vegetarian all ring true for me.  I guess I just haven't internalized it all yet.  I suppose I've been convinced of the arguments, but haven't been convicted in my heart yet.  And maybe I don't need to be convicted.  Just willing to follow through with what I am convinced of. (???)

I heard The Skinny Bitch sharing how she instantly became a Vegetarian as she was raising a burger, I think, up to her mouth and thought of it as if she was going to bite into the back of her hand.  She had no plans on giving up meat, but in that unsuspecting moment she couldn't eat anymore of the meat and has since become an animal activist along with a successful author and foodie.

How about you?  Are you Vegetarian?  Vegan?  Ever consider being one?

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