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Friday, April 29, 2011

Save the Frogs Day

I LOVE FROGS!!!  especially the little green tree frogs.  Oh my, my heart melts almost every time one of my littles brings me a cute little frog.  I've even let them come into the house, for a short time.  They must always be handled gently, respectfully, and sent back to where they found it in almost pronto.

I remember when Layne and Rauchelle were still little and we lived out on acreage.  It was raining one night when we arrived home and walked into our log house.  Right after we clamoured through the back door where we proceeded to remove our rubber boots and hang up our jackets, we caught eye of a frog that must have hitch-hiked in on our boots.  I picked him up gently but almost drop this little guy when he surprised me with a bulging throaty R-i-b-b-i-t!!  He was promptly sent outside to play in the mud.

This past schoolyear we purchased The Digital Frog for all the children's sciences and included was information on how to help save the frogs, and let me know that today is Save the Frogs Day.  So I decided to share some of the tips they give on how we can help to protect frogs.

Slow Down when driving on wet nights.  That's to dodge the frogs, not to target them ;)

Don't use Pesticides

Don't eat frog legs .  (I've got that one down-pat)

Don't purchase wild-caught amphibians as pets (OK.)

Turn off the tap.  (been working on water conservation all year)

Build a frog pond in your backyard.  (not sure our landlords would like this, but the kids sure would)

Conserve resources (working on that)

Don't purchase bottled water.  (we don't)

Use Rechargeable batteries (yep, but not solely)

Vote for the Environment (ah, politics.  Never an easy choice)

Reduce, Re-use, Recycle (yup.  And be Minimalistic)

Become an amphibian biologist.  (not planning to be, at least not in this life hehehe!)

Go vegetarian.  (basically, already am.  But not vegan)

Eat locally grown, organic food.  (easier in warmer climates with more diversity, but we do what we can at this point)

Spread the word:  use email, tell your friends (that's what I'm doing!)

(Their last 3 items are about getting their free newsletter, become a member, and donate.)

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