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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I Love the IMAX

Everette has been really busy with work over the past few weeks (thank You, God), and worked all last weekend too,  so he suggested the family go to the Royal BC Museum and the IMAX. 

What a fantastic idea!!  So, off we went down the windy Sooke Rd (some of us battle with motion sickness, and this road isn't helpful in that department) heading for the city on another wet spring day.

We had to split up a little, as not all were willing partners in the trip to the museum/IMAX this day.  Surprisingly, some of the dc didn't want to see the movies but would rather wander around the city with their older sister, drawing journals in hand and little Laars in tow.  So, the bulk of us took in.....
Beautiful!!  I loved it.

I remember when in about grade 5 I did a school report on Orangutans, clipping gorgeous photos from National Geographic (my all time fav nature magazine) to grace my report.  Orangutans have always been one of my favourite animals.

The elephants were delightful also.  They have inquisitive personalities, and their emotional communication has always astounded me.

There were a lot of Oohh's and Aahhh's from our family, with the animals cute antics and the beautiful scenery.  I almost wanted to volunteer and go live with both of these ladies and their orphans.

Many of the family had already seen

 when Robert Lacey was here to speak and host Q&A in February.  But,  some who had seen it before wanted to see it again,  and some wanted to see it for the first time, so we did a switch-eroo and the rest of us wandered through the museum.  There is so much to see there, you just have to pick a different area each time and take in as much as is possible before the Little People's attention span runs amuck.  Today we picked Entomology Etc., where we got to view all kinds of insects (wasps, butterflies and moths of BC), and then checked out birds & their eggs, and mammals and their poops!  and I took the little boys for a quick detour to touch the Real Ice where the Mammoth is displayed so they could touch it "Just Once More".

 One of the best things we've ever done with funds to help with out children's education, is getting annual passes to the museum and the IMAX.  It's one of those Gifts that Keep on Giving!!

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