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Monday, April 25, 2011

Playing Grocery Store

Not your typical grocery store.  We had a Pet store corner, where you could buy an African Grey Parrot, or a butterfly, a squirrel or
 Everything came with a Price Tag
There was Frozen Fruit, supplements like Ginseng and MSM,
fresh fruit, baking supplies and bandanas & paintings.
 "Shopper " Laars exchanging money to buy a car.
 "Cashier" Gaelyn, always greets you with a smile & giggle.
Mitchell digging deep into his pockets to pay for his shopping spree.

This is a much better way to practise math than using a textbook!

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  1. Laughed to see this...our kids were playing with their cousins over the weekend and set up a mini-yard sale with Grace having her own store and Daniel building his own store beside her at the driveway. (We were taking advantage of nice weather and clearing out stuff for heavy garbage pick-up). They made their signs, and set prices too. Grace was being the kind business woman and had bonus buys and specials (free)... so Daniel would obtain the free stuff and stick a price on it at his store! Another way to become business-savvy out side of school!! Ha! As each car drove by each kid held their breath for potential customers and you could hear these huge disappointed sighs as they slowly passed. They made a few mom and dad and grandparents, so we still have some of this junk coming back at us! Hello to all!