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Monday, May 2, 2011

Making a Stream

That is NOT a shadow in front of Laars.

Here's what happened, leading up to this funny.

I was making soup earlier today. Anders came in to tell me that Laars went pee. Outside.
I asked Danaka and Maret to take over the soup-making as I figured I would find a wet and cold boy who would love to have a bubble bath during the clean-up process just because he loves to.

I was surprised to find our 3yo standing at the front door with dry pants and a wet stream flowing down the aggregate. I told him that we shouldn't be peeing at the front door. We can go on the toilet. No big deal.

I went in the house to get some water to dilute the walkway of the yellow stuff. The boys of course wanted to play in the stream and proceeded to do that with rocks from the pathway once mama went in the house to continue with the soup.

A few hours later. Mama is back in the kitchen (because the kitchen seems to be the central command station) and Laars says "I gotta go pee". I asked if he needed any help, and he confidently said "No" and off he ran towards the bathroom. However, I heard the chime we have set to signify that an outside door has been opened. And I thought "He's not......??"

I notice that the toilet us unoccupied as I walk past the bathroom, but standing just in front of our Welcome Mat at the front door, pants still up but his you-know-what pulled up and out and creating a yellow fountain that will result in a stream he soooo admires.

Sweet little boy, steals my heart all the time.

When his father got home I asked him what would make a little boy do that. His response was "Because he can!"

I admit, I don't understand boys. They are just plain weird.

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