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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Boy Makes River

Did you see my post about Laars the other day?

Well, news has it that he has now done it in front of our parked van.

"Front of" means....closest to the street, since we back the van in.  Where all the neighbours could see (if they were passing by, or working in their yards and even cared one iota what was happening over at our Zoo).

Parked on a short but steep incline, he left a stream.  A river.  He is fascinated in making Rivers.

Pour a little water here on the kitchen tiles and watch the streams flow along the grout.

Pee a little there and watch where the stream will flow.

See how red mama's face can be.

And her heart smile a big smile because

He's my boy!!!

PS.  Cute for a 3 yr old, even if it wasn't my boy.  I'd think yours was adorable, too.  But not so cute if it was an 8 yo.  I'm sure we'll be a little more discreet by then.

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