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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

'Typical' Minimalists?

"We’re a pretty diverse lot, with people in a vast range of economic and family conditions, places, and employment. But to read some minimalists, you’d think we’re a nation of childless, 20-something information workers, living out of backpacks and Macbooks as we commute between $500-a-chair seminars on how to blog our way to financial independence.
There are not many people who would want or be able to live this manner."

Try..... more than twice their age, married, with 9 children, SAH-homeschooling mom with entrepreneurial dad, living in a big rental house because people think we need all the space and wouldn't rent a smaller place to us 'with all those kids', with out-of-commission computers (except for the ones through the school....thank God for funding), no money for seminars of any kind, and blog because I like it, even if I'm not a good writer.
That's what makes it a bit frustrating at times, to read about minimalists and the way they make their decisions in life, and then realize that it just is not even practical for a family like ours.  
Let's get real!!
They talk about 2 plates and 2 cups and 2 sets of cutlery because there are 2 adults in the house hold.  They undoubtedly wash their dishes after ever meal in the kitchen sink, and have the spotless kitchen ready for the next meal.  Add 6 or more children to the mix and its difficult to have a spotless kitchen except between the hours of midnight and 5am when all hungry littles ought to be asleep.  Once dawn breaks it can seem like an endless revolving door in the kitchen.   In our house at least, there are always glasses and tumblers on the counter for the constant need for hydration.  Re-used throughout the day.

I don't get excited about decorating in white.  I love colour, and so far my favourite kitchen was done in a deep red (blue-undertone ).  I adore green, almost any tone.  I love the serenity it invokes.

Going without a vehicle?  Not likely.  Try a gas-guzzling 15-passenger van.  I know.  Bad for the environment.  We are trying to do our part.  But we obviously blew it when we had our 2nd or 3rd child.  Could it have been the un-filtered water we drank?

We might be sleeping on mattresses or sleeping bags on the floor, but honestly, if we hadn't given beds up for light travelling 3+ yrs ago, we might still have a bed or two.  Don't get me wrong.  I'm quite happy without the beds.  But I don't think I would have just given them away if they were still in good condition, just to feel more minimalist.  And, the point to that would be...?????

If you are new at learning about minimalism, I warn you to think for yourself.  See what fits and what doesn't, and throw the rest of the ideas out.  Think about your relationship to your stuff--present and possible future purchases--and be mindful about it all.  Do what suits your family.  In all things, be yourself.  Be unique.

There is nothing Typical about being You.

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