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Monday, March 28, 2011

A Hint For Women Fasting

Over the years one comes to realize after reading the magazines you can pick up for free at the health food stores that spring is traditionally a time for cleansing and detoxifying the body.  But I have recently discovered other times that lend themselves well to fasting, whether that's a complete fast (presumably still drinking water) or some other type of fast.  Personally, I juice fast/feast (can check out Juice Feasting) so that I have enough energy to keep up with the members of my family as I don't have the luxury of an intense fast where I would need to spend a lot of time resting and aiding the detox through different modalities.

Anyways, what I discovered recently was that you can fast according to:

a) the cycles of the moon.  Whether we realize it or not, our bodies are effected by the phases of the moon.  So when it is near full moon your body is naturally more receptive to the detoxing, making your fasting efforts more powerful.

b) your menstrual cycle.   When you get your period, your body is in a cleansing mode naturally so its a good time to increase that cleanse.  I find I am not very hungry during these days anyways, so it lends itself well to (juice) fasting, and I find temptations to be minimal.

I never used to be able to fast, or so I thought.  I usually suffered from headaches terribly, and a lot of light headedness.  I'm not sure what exactly has made the difference, but since Everette and I did 5 days of a juice feast just over a year ago, I have found doing a day or two with just juice is really easy now.

So, if you've always wanted to fast because you've heard of the health and spiritual benefits, but you haven't succeeded in the past, I'd say Don't Give Up!  Keep Trying!  I finally found what works for me, and it works Simply!

And do check out Juice Feasting.  There's tonnes of information.  Helpful, even if you don't do a long fast.

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