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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

No Schedules?

I occasionally plan out a schedule, in hopes that I might feel like we've accomplished more at the end of the day.  I know there are things we would like to get done, but often we are poor managers of our time and we allow it to be wasted away at doing mindless stuff.

But schedules have never seemed to fit my personality.  I feel very restricted by them.  Controlled from the outside, imposed upon, rather than self-controlled.

What works best for me/us is to have a basic outline, an idea of the most important things we want to get accomplished on a typical day, and then we see to it that those things are done, but not at a pre-scheduled time.  For example, we have Reading Aloud Time, where I read to the children (usually all of them).  This usually takes place at least 5 days a week, and we try to get it done before noon but sometimes it takes place during lunch while the children are gathered to eat.

I know that schedules don't work for a lot of people, and so I wanted to pass on what Jessica/FishMama has so openly shared about managing her own time while home-educating her 6 children and making the household function well.  So, check this out!

I don't like to add more Obligations into my life, and that's what a Schedule says to me.  I like to live a Simplified Life, and having a basic game plan from which I work, but that allows lots of flexibility within its parameters......that's something I can work with.  It IS what I work with.  And I like that.

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