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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Indoor Composting

Take two Rubbermaid boxes, one lid.  Drill holes in the bottom of one of the boxes (we did it in the bigger box so it can hold more wastes) and a few in the side of the box within a couple of inches of the bottom.  Also drill some aerating holes in the lid.  Mitchell drilled 9 in the lid.

Everette put 4 fair sized rocks on the bottom box to help keep the upper box from settling too far down.  This is to leave room in the bottom box to receive 'soup', the sloppy wet stuff you don't want the earthworms and compost to be swimming in.
Big fat juicy earthworms Everette found while digging up dirt to add to the Rubbermaid to introduce micro-organisms.  By the time I thought to take photos, the hundred or so worms had already dispersed throughout the box, burrowing down through the layers hiding from the light.

Shredded newspapers (no coloured ink) were spread on the bottom of the box, dampened.  Then a layer of compost with some earth was put on top of that.  Repeated.  Topped with dampened, shredded newspaper.

Toveli is adding fresh compost material from the kitchen.
Put the lid on top and its complete.

We'll let you know how it turns out, and if we have any issues with odours or bugs.

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